Z Collection

The origins of the Z Collection brand begin with owner Philippe’s work in fashion. Before his ‘Z’ journey, Philippe worked as creative director/designer at various fashion houses, working with people from Givenchy, YSL and Balenciaga, and with clientele including aristocrats, celebrities and royalty.


Following the birth of his first daughter, Zegna, the Z Collection journey began, originally as a brand designing children’s clothing collections. Philippe would create two collections a year, sold worldwide, with the likes of Bergdorf Goodman and Harvey Nichols labelling the collections as ‘sell outs’. With mothers’ consistently commenting ‘I wish that came in my size’, Philippe transitioned back to womenswear to where Z is today.


Today, Philippe draws upon his creative talents from his French and Italian heritage to create stunning, made to measure, one of a kind pieces for all women. The ‘Z’ look is always influenced by the ‘chic’ of the French women and the style and elegance of the Italians, to bring together beautiful occasion wear that stands to empower any customer, regardless of age and size.


Z Collection also draws upon strong family values. Here at Z we consider ourselves a family business. If you pop in to the store, you will see little bits of family everywhere. Whether it’s a family photo up on the wall, or a greeting card made by Mina, wife of Philippe, family stands at the heart of Z.

All three of Philippe and Mina’s daughters proudly wear Z Collection pieces. Whether it be clothing worn as children, beautiful wedding outfits created by their father, or gorgeous summer dresses for a family holiday in Italy.


And so,  by shopping with us here at Z Collection, not only will you receive a unique experience and items of fabulous quality, but we also hope you too will feel a part of the family.











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